Duel: results

Hey guys (and girls as well)! Look what’s up. I and a friend of mine have an argument which one of these two is the prettier one. Have your say! I’d be really happy if you could share with us some more info about your decision in the comments down there but I’m also glad for just voting in the poll.

Now have a look at the nominees:

Míša, 16 years old, living in a beautiful medieval city nearby.

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Míša Míša Míša

Bára, 17 years old, living in a city I don’t like.

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Bára Bára Bára

The poll ended on May 30.

It was an oh-so-close race between these two lovely girls. In the end, 30 voters had their say. 43 % of them say Míša is the prettier one. 57 % say Bára is the prettier one. Míša (who was my favorite) has had a strong finish and was bouncing back heavily. Perhaps one more week would do it, who knows?