Worst of UK recession ‘behind us’

Article: Worst of UK recession ‘behind us’

Comments: The article states that the UK may well have passed the worst times. However, the article is very short and superficial.

It does not say a word about the nature of business cycles nor about at the costs of boosting the economy. (If something like that is ever possible).

Who will pay the great debts back? The taxpayers will. Who has already paid for stupid Keynesian instruments “helping the economy back”? The taxpayers have. We might well have gone through negative GDP numbers but does that say anything about the situation of the economy? I don’t think so.

If the markets haven’t cleared — which they could not have because of keeping the marginal producers on the market by the government loans etc. — they will have to clear no matter what, so is the law of the economy.

No government expenditure can help the economy whatsoever. It always makes everything worse. So is the historic and economic evidence.

My last thought goes to our Social Democratic “experts” as ever. We have heard from them they really believe this is the last recession ever… Does it need any comments to that?