EU calls for crisis talks over GM

Article: EU calls for crisis talks over GM

It’s always the same, no matter what. The EU knows best. The European Union knows everything, wants to legislate over everything, and wants to regulate, control and prohibit everything.

To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me anymore. With the Commission being chaired by a maoist you can expect nothing but massive regulations.

The latest hit within the European Union is “helping the corporations and the economy” by pouring billions of euros from the taxpayers’ pockets into unsuccessful corporations, one of which the GM seems to be.

The European Commission and the governments of Europe are keeping ignoring all basic economic facts such as the fact that the markets must clear and there is no way prohibiting the markets from doing so. I know it’s hard for the people who lose their jobs but it has to be so. And I’m angry with the complaints. Everyone knows that the car industry is struggling. The employees have had a huge amount of time they could have spent looking for jobs.

I strongly disagree with this “helping” policy. I think that it does just the opposite of helping.